Love is……..

Giving and receiving

Until, you can no longer tell

Who is the giver, and who is the receiver.


Jonathan Livingston Seal


Yesterday I met a traveller, a real adventurer, resting on the river bank. She had travelled far, on her own steam, without money or possessions, finding food as she went. She had fearlessly crossed all frontiers, with no regard for society’s norms and no need for company or comfort, and now she found herself in a place where very few of her kind had ever been. She was well-fed, contented and curious, taking it all in, enjoying new encounters with all types of strangers like me. When I met her she was enjoying a well-earned rest, lying down in the warm, spring sunshine and sheltered from the cool breeze that I was feeling, as I walked along the opposite bank. I stopped and she lifted her head to look at me. It was one of those special moments in my life, all too rare – an unexpected encounter with another species, for she was a seal eighty kilometres inland!