The Way of the Path-seeker.

When I lay a paving stone I am not thinking about the path I am making, but only about laying that stone. I put all my attention into the task at hand and put my best effort into it. This stone will be stable, level with both the ground and the adjacent stone, with just the right sized gap around it. I take care of my body while I lift and move it and I take care of the stone while dropping it gently into place. I am unhurried. I gently smooth out the sand, tending to any lumps and ridges with my bare hands and I notice they are very skilled at this. Then I make allowances for any uneven thickness in the underside of the stone, so that every bit of it is resting, supported on the bed I have made for it. In this way, laying a stone today is always building a good path for a good tomorrow. And when tomorrow has become today and the path is finished, I do not try to keep the path only for myself, but take pleasure in watching others enjoy it, perhaps even a lizard enjoying its heat in the sun. If I notice an ant trail crossing it, if possible I will seek out their nest and rebuild the path around it, because in reality, everything we do, we do for all beings. When the path is truly completed, then it is time to carry out the next task in exactly the same manner. In this way, the Way of the path-seeker is the way of the path-builder.


My Life As A Turkey

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This is one of the best documentary films I have ever seen, by the naturalist Joe Hutto. It goes way beyond observation and moves deeply towards spiritual enlightenment through living almost fully in the moment, both with, and truly as, a wild turkey. The wide and vast intelligence of these creatures and their well developed linguistic and emotional life as well as their enjoyment of living, completely humbles the film-maker as he realises the limits of human intelligence and the arrogance that goes with it. This film is not at all anthropomorphic or sentimental, or propoganda in any way, but it is unlike any other study of animal behaviour and will leave you deeply moved, with a real sense of wonder.