First you notice the oppression of the state

And its partner, the man-made God;

Then you see the oppression of lovers, friends and family;

Finally you see the oppression of the self;

The crushing censorship of the conscious mind,

Denying the all-encompassing vitality of the Great Unconscious;

The attachment to opinions that makes others your enemy,

And you know that given the space and freedom to express itself,

This being that you once called your self,

Would be nothing less than the Universal dance of Love,

The Anarchy of the true God,

The moment,





Conversely, when it all goes wrong,

The mirror tells you,

First to blame others,

Then to blame the world,

And finally to blame yourself,

Until you realise,

That no one is to blame

For the nature of existence.


What began as the state of the Universe,

Is manifest as a state of mind,

Until it recognises once again,

Its own birth and the fact that it was never born.


On the cliff edge,

I have a sense that if I jump,

I will be pulled up by the sky,

And if I do not jump,

I will be pulled down by the earth.

Reaching out to pick a bilberry,

I know I will fall,

But the sweetness fills my entire being,

And sustains me in rapture,

As my other self walks away from the cliff in fear.


And then we merge,

And I know that from now on,

It will not be fear that makes me step back,

But the lingering sweetness of a berry that all have tasted.


Who am I?

 Who am I?

In the beginning, there was darkness. Then there was the mystical act of creation that turned energy into matter. Galaxies, stars and planets emerged from the chaos and found their own harmony, hanging in the fabric of space-time. Slowly, life emerged and millions of years of evolution transformed single-celled organisms into the organised, symbiotic, self-aware colonies of bacteria-like cells, we call human beings. Many more years of genetic mixing and mutation followed and in the struggle for survival, many combinations fell by the wayside. But some survived, and miraculously they carry on. My genes survived and thus was born a being with all this history, all this knowledge, all this power. This is what I actually am and what I could be. And yet, after all that magic, a bruised and battered ego still insists on telling me what it thinks I could be, and a lifetime of conditioning and moral and social repression has made me the pathetic, half-human, half-robot that I think I am, and wins out every time, in dictating how I behave. It is called a ‘good citizen’ and ‘well-adjusted’, but is actually a slave to the economy and a servant of the state.

Is this a step on the way to a new form of being – a new super-colony, not just of cells, but of human beings, linked, not by genes, but by organisation, control and technology? A human being is so much more than the sum of its parts and it cannot be denied that a super-colony of humans is also. Am I therefore fighting and struggling against the next step in evolution, denying my potential by refusing to surrender, or is this a diversion and a wrong path in our development, brought about by human arrogance, rather than the greater wisdom of evolution and the universe, much of which is forgotten and deliberately crushed, in order to bring about this surrender? A super-colony can only really be superior, if it includes and expands on this wisdom and not by denying it; it must be self-organising from the bottom up, rather than controlled from the top, setting the few against the many.

Much of what we believe to be our own conscious decisions, made by the higher cortex of the brain are actually interpretations of behaviour dictated to us by our cells and our evolutionary instincts and needs. Perhaps this is also true of our political ‘leaders’. How much do they lead and how much do they follow – voters in the desire for power (power being one of those evolutionary instincts and desires), and big business in the service of the economy? For this is their true master, and because of the way our society and world are structured (though they need not be), a strong economy does also benefit the individual, albeit at a high price. This mutual dependency means that voters and individuals will largely go along with things as they are, as long as the injustices, inequalities and hardships do not become too extreme. The difference is that our cells are, on the whole, willing to serve the colony because they have all grown from the same two cells which merged together as one in the zygote. They are truly a single entity, in a way that individuals in a state super-colony are not, and trickery such as patriotism, culture, ritual, consumerism, branding, propaganda, bad education and brainwashing disguised as entertainment, can never fool us into believing we are. And so, I stake my claim to freedom from the state and its brutal economy – to claim back my evolutionary power and wisdom – to emerge as what I actually am, no longer a ‘good citizen’, but a ‘great human’ as we all are.